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Photographer in Columbia Missouri at KatFour Photo
Photographer in Columbia Missouri at KatFour Photo

In this modern day many businesses require visual communication to showcase their business, their brand, their story! When you're talking to clients on your website, your social media accounts, on your print advertising, or anywhere else great photos can tell your story so impactfully.  A picture is worth 1000 words, after all.

So how do you produce enough content to post daily or almost daily? And have enough to have beautiful images on your website? And make sure all your photos are relevant to...

It's summer time, the kids are out of school, everyone is at home, it's a great time to plan your family session! It's beautiful, and green and and the light is pretty unforgettable this time of year, but it's a bit hot, so it may take some thinking to plan a great session. Here are some tips and ideas to have a fun summer photo shoot with beautiful family photos you'll treasure for years to come!

It's that season! Time to get your photos for your Christmas Cards.  So how do you make your seasonal photos extra fun this year?  Here's some ideas to incorporate in your next photo session.

1. Use a Christmas or Holiday sign

Adding a fun "Merry Christmas" or other holiday sign to your photos helps make them easy to incorporate into a holiday card or use on social media to commemorate the occasion.

2. Bring a cute blanket

Want to make your photos look cozy and warm? Wrap up in a cute blanket...

You've had your session and received your digital photos!  And they're great.  You post them on Facebook or Instagram and gotten tons of likes.  Now what? Well have you should consider getting prints?

Why would I get prints?

Prints allow you to put your favorite images up in your home.  To look back on moments you've had captured and remember them every time you walk by.  To share them with visitors to your home.  To keep them in your memory long after you've forgotten that folder of pho...

Most brides only get to wear their wedding dress 1 time.  And your wedding day is a special, beautiful day, but it shouldn't be your only chance to get all dressed up and enjoy your stunning wedding dress.

Enter Bridal or Styled Wedding sessions!

Bridal sessions can be scheduled before or after your wedding and can include your getting ready photos, some boudoir shots, and of course photos in your wedding gown! These sessions can be used to get photos you won't have time for during your wedding or...

You got married and time has flown by and now you turn around and it's been a whole year! Or maybe it's been 5 years, or 10 years or more! Well, first let me say congratulations!

And second, let me invite you to have an anniversary session! 

What better way to celebrate your time together than to get photos of you to document your journey! I love that we can tell your story as a couple through these pictures.

The best part about these sessions is that you can do as much or as little as suits your...

You can't always choose the time of day you need to take a photo, but when scheduling a session or an event you can plan for certain times of the day that will work better! This can help you with your professional sessions as well as photos you take on your own!

Photos outside! For outdoor photography you want to avoid direct sunlight.  Even shade is optimal. So on a cloudy day, shoot any time, any where! If the sun is going to be out you want to avoid patchy light or direct light.  So what does...

Big proposals have become very popular, though many people still opt for something more private and intimate.  Either way you choose to propose is great! And either way you can benefit from having a photographer there to capture the moment!

matter where your proposal happens, what sweet words you say, how intimate or public it is, you'll want to remember every moment! And with big moments like this, especially if it's a surprise, you may not be able to.  It's wonderful, and you're happy and possi...

Wanting photos with your favorite furry family member is great, but it can pose some challenges in getting them to behave and participate.  The following are some tips for bringing your pets along and making sure the whole session goes smoothly!

1. Bring their treats! If you hope to get their attention, reward them for looking, or just have a small motivator on hand, remember to grab some of your pet's treats to bring along.  If your pet doesn't really respond to treats, bring their favorite toy...

It's senior and graduation photo season and while there are tons of fun ways to celebrate the end of your high school or college senior year, one of the most fun ones is confetti!

Confetti photos can be tons of fun, but they require a little bit of planning, a few tries and a love of floating, shiny bits! And while seniors and grads use confetti most often, family photos, couples sessions, weddings and parties are all great occasions to play with confetti!

So here are some tips on using confetti a...

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