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About KatFour

What it's like to work together


You want great photos and I want you to be comfortable, so I hope to find out who you are and what you like, and show that in your photos. So go ahead and tell me all about yourself! It will be very helpful in creating your ideal session.


We'll work together to determine your perfect location, time and style for your photography session. All session are on location, rather than in studio, meaning we'll be out and about in the real world or even in your own home or office. I have found this makes the photographs look and feel more authentic when you look at them later.


After your session I will curate the photos to make sure that the best ones are included in your final order and edit each one by hand in color and in black and white. I will also work with you on any designs or print products you might be interested in to make sure they are as unique as you are.

I'm very excited to get to know you and your special moments and help you capture memories that will last you a lifetime!  And I'd like to be there for you for all the special moments: senior year, friendships, relationships, engagements, weddings, pets, children, family life, your small business, and every other special event in your life. I would love to meet with you and help you capture something truly dear to you in a way that will allow you to always look back and fondly remember the beautiful moments in your life!


All about the photographer


Hi! My name is Kat.

It's nice to meet you! I know meeting new people, especially one that's going to be pointing a camera at you for an hour (or several) can be super awkward. So let's fix that.  

I live in Columbia with my husband, daughter and our dog. I work at Veterans United as a Marketing Analyst as my other job. Though I love photography and capturing all your special moments, I'm a data nerd as well.

In my spare time I like to curl up on the couch and binge some Netflix shows (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, when I'm feeling nostalgic), go hiking in the local parks, and check out the new restaurants cropping up around town. I'm always up for hearing about new shows and eateries to check out, so please share your favorites with me!

Nice to meet you! 


About the photography

Moments and interactions with people are so fleeting.  With my camera, I can catch those moments, the ones that I know will be missed later. And with my clients I am able to capture those moments for them, that I know years later they will want to remember, but not really know how.  A hug, a look in their eyes, or a laugh can mean so much when we look back later. With about a decade of experience I've learned that what I really love is to connect with each individual, place or thing I photograph and I want them to feel that connection with me.


My photography is primarily done in natural light and on location, in a gorgeous outdoor location, in your home or at one of the local businesses around town. I like to work in the available environment and capture 'you doing you'. Want too see a list of the types of sessions that are available?

KatFour Photo | Columbia, MO Photographer | Columbia, Missouri Photography Studio
KatFour Photo Columbia MO Photo Studio, Columbia MO Studio, Studio Photography in Columbia Missouri
KatFour Photo | Columbia, MO Photographer | Columbia, Missouri Photography Studio
KatFour Photo | Columbia, MO Photographer | Columbia, Missouri Photography Studio
KatFour Photo | Columbia, MO Photographer | Columbia, Missouri Photography Studio

About the Studio

The studio is located at 3420 Buttonwood Dr, Suite 102 in Columbia Missouri. With several backdrop options, plenty of seating and lots of natural light, it's a great place for your next session or consultation.

"Working with Kat was a wonderful experience!..." - Hannah

To see more of this review and what other clients are saying make sure to check out the testimonials page!

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