Small Business & Personal Brand

Your brand is your business story! And it's so important to beautifully share your story with your audience and your clients! To show them what your business is all about without having to tell them.

Portraits, on the job images, product photos, your personal story, it can all be a part of your brand and your brand photography!

I'd love to tell your business story with beautiful images that show off your amazing personality, your stunning products, your gorgeous business space, your sweet family, and anything else that will help you speak to your clients!

Who is brand photography for?

Personal or small business brand photography is for so many different people. Entrepreneurs and solopreneurs who own their own businesses and can benefit from a consistent business brand and from photos that help sell their business and their story.  With the internet being the first step in making buying decisions most professionals' first impression is not always in person.


  • Creatives, graphic designers and professionals with online portfolios

  • Freelancers

  • Authors and artists

  • Life and career coaches

  • Hair and make-up professionals

  • DJs

  • Event planners

  • Fitness experts, nutritionists & personal trainers

  • Real estate professionals/Realtors

  • Boutiques owners

  • Restaurateurs & caterers

  • Flower shops

  • Interior Designers

  • Reporters

  • Attorneys

  • Healthcare professionals (doctors, dentists, chiropractors, etc.)

  • Small businesses with more to show than head shots

  • Etsy Shop Owners

  • And so many more!



If you have an online or marketing presence, you can benefit from professional, beautiful, unique, branding photography.

"Great photographs, communication and turnaround time. Kat is super thorough which I always appreciate in a vendor!..." - Lydia

To see more of this review and what other clients are saying make sure to check out the testimonials page!

​​​What is the benefit of branding sessions?

You probably didn't get into business to spend a ton of time documenting your life, your process, or your story via photography.  You started your business to do what you're passionate about. In this visual world we live in, beautiful photos are essential to tell your clients why they should choose you, what makes your business unique and how you can benefit them. So instead of spending time when your heart isn't in it, let me take care of the photography for you, because it's what I love to do.

These photos will be uniquely yours and will help you to showcase your professional self. Professional photos tailored to your story will allow you to speak to your ideal clients and stand out from the rest. You don't want stock images that are being used by everyone and can hurt your online presence, authenticity and SEO and you don't want to spend endless hours trying to get good images by yourself. Instead you can invest and get some amazing ones! Branding photography positions you to clearly communicate your brand, your strengths and your benefits to your audience.

Unlike a simple portrait session with branding photography you get a plan to tell your business story, with a professional that understands branding, business, and photography.

Nobody wants to spend time stressing out about what they're going to post to Facebook or Instagram next, or what photos belong on their website, or what to submit to the newspaper when there's an article or press release about you, or what to print on your catalogue! Business is stressful enough and branding photography sessions provide you with enough photos to cover all these situations, tell your story and help others really connect with you.


You can strategically create a set of images that will help you tell your story and grow your business!

"If you need any pictures taken, you should seriously check her out. She's done all of the professional pictures that our family has had taken for the past several years..." - Nathan

To see more of this review and what other clients are saying make sure to check out the testimonials page!

What can I do with the photos?

Whatever you need! All business and branding sessions come with a full use and print release on the photos. They can be used to create your online, print and advertising brand!


Social Media

Marketing Materials


Press Releases

Prints for your space


Anything else you can think of!

I want you to be able to use these photos to make your brand more robust, more vibrant and more you!


Feel free to put your logos on them, add text, share them with your team if you have a designer, social media professional or marketing expert. Use these images in whatever way will help you grow your brand!

So why KatFour Photo?

Because you want to feel comfortable and you want a photographer you can trust! I really focus on getting to know you, rather than focusing on just one specific type of photography. I'll be there to help you plan and execute great photos that really reflect who you are.

On top of it all, I know what it takes! I'm a marketer, a small business owner, and a photographer, so I really get it. It takes work to understand how to brand and market a business, and I can help by focusing on what you do, how you do it and who you are, and making sure your photos really communicate that for you!

"Kat is incredibly accommodating. My outdoor branding session was greeted with pouring rain. Kat suggested her indoor studio, despite it being brand new and unfinished. We met and she quickly moved a few things around, set up her equipment, and made me feel confident. She was specific, encouraging, and helpful in suggesting poses that worked best for my style. Her turnaround time is also incredible. I also want to mention that I asked her to alter her editing style dramatically from the work she normally produces, and she did so without question, with ease, and provided beautifully branded images. Thank you so much, Kat! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!..." - Katie

To see more of this review and what other clients are saying make sure to check out the testimonials page!

What is a brand photography session like?

It's tailored to your needs, your business and your story.


  1. I'll send you a questionnaire so you can tell me all about you and your business, your goals, your favorite colors, and anything else you think I should know.

  2. Then we schedule a consultation to talk about what your professional needs are, what types of photos will really benefit your story, what shows off your style and what makes you feel most comfortable. We can talk about what story you want to tell, what to wear, where to have the session, how to structure the photos, whether you'll want to bring friends or family with you, and anything else that will help make your session experience positive and rewarding. If you're unsure, I'll help walk you through the process and help make this easier.

  3. We'll work through what you need, your package, your ideal locations, your props and get everything scheduled!

  4. I'll send over a digital contract for you to sign.  This document protects both of us and lists out everything you get with the package or session you selected.

  5. We'll have the session! This is the fun part, where you get to do what you do best and I get to capture in beautiful photos.  We'll go to the places we discussed and bring the stories to life, and I'll make sure you're comfortable and have input on the entire process!

  6. All the images get edited, in color and black and white and uploaded to a beautiful online gallery.  I'll sort them for easy use and send you the link. No watermarks, no extra charges.


I'll work with you to create a unique experience, at a location that will fit your brand and creative photos that can be more structured or more lifestyle.

"Kat was extremely professional and prompt with communication. She offered many suggestions during our photo shoot. Kat was very patient and interacted very well with our 5 year old son. That for us was the deal breaker. I highly recommend her services..." - David

To see more of this review and what other clients are saying make sure to check out the testimonials page!



I offer several options for your branding and small business sessions which allow you to tailor this experience to your needs perfectly!

I strive to balance full service with affordable rates to make sure you can have the beautiful photography you deserve!

Your Products On Display

When your product is the start of the show and you need photos for your website, sales channel or social media these sessions are set up to showcase your product, in studio or in lifestyle sessions. Photos can focus on product on it's own or in use and will feature each product from several angles.

Includes a 15-30 minute consultation to discuss your session.


$180 - Up to 30 products

$300 - Up to 60 products

$450 - Up to 90 products

A One Time Branding Session

One session when you need a brand refresh to update your photography or get some for the first time. If you feel like you need some photos one time, choose one of these sessions. We'll plan out your story and photograph it to tell your ideal clients what you're all about.

Includes a 15-30 minute consultation to discuss your session.


$185 for a 30 Minute Session

$300 per hour for an hour or longer

Four Sessions Per Year

The quarterly plan is a year long contract with 4 sessions. For businesses with less visual brands that still want to stay up-to-date and fresh on all their marketing web presence. Keep your clients up-to-date on your brand story! (All 4 sessions do not need to be the same length)

Includes 1-2 consultations of up to 2 hours to discuss your sessions.


$180 for a 30 Minute Session

$290 per hour for an hour or longer

A Session Every Month

The monthly plan is a six month or year long contract with sessions monthly. For very visual businesses with blogs, websites and social media that requires new photos regularly. As your brand story evolves and your grow in your business keep your photos updated too! (All sessions in a set do not need to be the same length.

Includes 1-2 consultations of up to 2 hours to discuss your sessions.

6-month Contract

$180 for a 30 Minute Session

$290 per hour for an hour or longer

12-month Contract

$165 for a 30 Minute Session

$270 per hour for an hour or longer

  • All sessions come with beautiful high resolution digital images, delivered via a gorgeous online gallery.

    • Approximately 30 photos per half hour of session time.

  • To make sure you have everything you need to run your business you will also receive web optimized images ideal for your website and social media use.

  • Cropping and resizing of up to 25 images for custom social media or website use on request.

  • You have complete commercial rights to the photos, including printing, editing and use in marketing materials.

  • A consultation is included with all sessions to make sure you get the most out of your branding session.

"Great professionalism and the quality of the photos taken was amazing! She captured exactly what we were looking for!..." - Sarah

To see more of this review and what other clients are saying make sure to check out the testimonials page!


Ready to book?

Let's Talk about your Session!

Looking forward to hearing from you

What happens next?

I'll get back to you within 24 hours to chat about your needs and schedule a consultation. I only book a handful of long-term contracts per year to make sure that each and every client gets all the attention they need.  In the meantime if you want to read up on my process and personality:

Read all about me.

Want to see more fun, exciting images? For all your photography needs and just to peruse for fun, stop by my portfolio:

Check out my portfolio

"Working with Kat was a wonderful experience! She helped me to have fun and relax during my shoot so that each photo reflected my personality. She was also very quick with her editing, and got my photos back to me in almost no time at all..." - Hannah

To see more of this review and what other clients are saying make sure to check out the testimonials page!

Businesses I've Worked With

Brand and product photography for local coffee shop in Columbia, MO located on the Mizzou campus.
Lifestyle branding and headshot session for local real estate agents in Mid-Missouri.
Personal branding session for Fab Station owner.
Product and branding photography session for local restaurant and bar Gunter Hans, located in downtown Columbia, MO in Alley A.
Lifestyle branding and headshot session for videographer and owner at Vibe Visuals.
Managed IT business branding and headshot session for Seraphim Systems in Columbia Missouri.
Headshot and branding photography for on location event artist Cindy Scott in Missouri.
Property photography for local apartments in the District in Columbia, MO.
Product and branding photography for local restaurant and bar Dive Bar, located in on Business Loop.
Business photography session for feature in industry publication ALLPRO Independent.
Headshots and group photos for local financial firm in Columbia Missouri.
Orthodontist branding and headshot photography in Columbia, MO.
Branding headshots for make-up artists Erica, serving the Mid-Missouri area.
Branding photos and headshots for local woodworking business owner in Columbia, MO.
Branding headshots for photographer Carly, serving the Mid-Missouri area.
Branding photos for fitness brand.
Lifestyle branding photos for blogger Mollie of "Love Always Mollie"
Headshots and branding photography for local financial advisor in Columbia, MO.
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