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Photographer in Columbia Missouri at KatFour Photo
Photographer in Columbia Missouri at KatFour Photo

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A Great Way to Celebrate Your Time Together!

You got married and time has flown by and now you turn around and it's been a whole year! Or maybe it's been 5 years, or 10 years or more! Well, first let me say congratulations!

And second, let me invite you to have an anniversary session!

What better way to celebrate your time together than to get photos of you to document your journey! I love that we can tell your story as a couple through these pictures.

The best part about these sessions is that you can do as much or as little as suits your relationship! Well that, and it's an excuse to have cake!

So buy a new cake or cut into the top of your actual wedding cake. Have champagne or crack open some beers. Bring one of your wedding photos and your bouquet and do one of your same poses, or do something completely new. Put on your wedding gown again and give the dress a second wear! Or simply do something together that you both love doing or go somewhere meaningful!

Your anniversary session is all about the two of you! So celebrate what means most to you and have fun!

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