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Photographer in Columbia Missouri at KatFour Photo
Photographer in Columbia Missouri at KatFour Photo

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Back to School Specials & Events

With summer starting to wind down and school starting up again, it's time for fun back to school activities and of course, photos! So to focus on the fun, during this hectic time of year, here are some fun ideas, events and specials!

KatFour Photos Back to School Mini Mini Sessions!

For the first time I've set up school themed mini mini sessions! Short, 15 minute sessions at my studio location (indoors or outdoors) with fun school themed props. These are perfect to capture photos of the kiddos as they head off into another school year, get some adorable toddler photos even if they're too young to start school yet, or just get some updated family photo this summer! There's still time to join for August 11th or August 18th for your short time slot.

Want to sign up for your Back to School mini session? Click here to read more and pick your time!

Prints, Packages & Discounts!

Your print galleries have been updated to include pre-made packages. You still have all the wonderful options you had before, but now you can also see packages of items that compliment each other, making ordering easier than ever!

And now to celebrate the start of school an automatic 15% discount will be applied to print and product purchases through your gallery! So after you've had your mini session, update the photos of your kiddos at a great value!

Ideas, Tips & Things to Remember!

  1. Did the kiddos just get back from their favorite camp? Or start up a new sport or hobby with the new year? Bring out their gear and get some photos of the most important activities in their lives today! It'll be great to look back and remember what they loved to do in 2019.

  2. Senior photos for the year. The year may just be starting, but if you want that bright summer green in your pictures, schedule your senior photos now, before sporting events and homework fill up your free evenings and weekends.

  3. A summer inspired family session! Grab ice cream downtown, take a walk at the park, make some lemonade, stop by the farmer's market for some shopping or play your favorite sport together to have some fun together and say goodbye to summer.

Are you looking forward to the start of the school year? Or dreading classes beginning again? What other fun activities remind you of this time of year?

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