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Photographer in Columbia Missouri at KatFour Photo
Photographer in Columbia Missouri at KatFour Photo

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How do I bring my pet to a photo session?

Wanting photos with your favorite furry family member is great, but it can pose some challenges in getting them to behave and participate. The following are some tips for bringing your pets along and making sure the whole session goes smoothly!

Pet Photography Columbia MO | KatFour Photo

1. Bring their treats! If you hope to get their attention, reward them for looking, or just have a small motivator on hand, remember to grab some of your pet's treats to bring along. If your pet doesn't really respond to treats, bring their favorite toy to help get their attention!

Pet Photography Columbia MO | KatFour Photo

2. Consider the session location! Some pets will do great, no matter which location you choose, so don't worry too much about tailoring your location to their needs. Others are a bit more particular. Does your pet get cold easily? Maybe stay away from cold outdoor sessions. Are they easily distracted by small animals, such as squirrels? Let's not choose a park. Are other dogs a problem? Let's avoid the dog park. For some pets, the best location for their photos will be your own home. They'll feel the most at ease, and you'll have easy access to all their toys and food.

Pet Photography Columbia MO | KatFour Photo

3. Bring a friend along! If you plan on having photos both with and without your pet during your session, ask a friend to come play with them and be the pet's handler, while you're busy getting your photos taken. You want to make sure your furry friends are well taken care of, but that you also have the time in your session to get the right photos. Arm the friend with treats and a toy and they'll be all set. They can also help get your pet's attention when they're in the shot!

Pet Photography Columbia MO | KatFour Photo

4. Be patient! Your furry friend may not be used to the camera, and all they want is to hang out with you! So they may not be ready to sit still and pose or look when you want them to. That's ok. With some patience, some treats and some sweet words we can get beautiful photos of them! Just remember that some photos will take a little longer, and it's ok!

Pet Photography Columbia MO | KatFour Photo

5. Know their limits! Know your pet's limits and abilities. Some will want to run around first and get to know the location before they are able to settle down and be in photos. Some will get tired after 30 minutes and will be done with photos all together. Knowing what to expect from your pet, their needs, limitations and abilities, will help you plan out your session and make sure it's a success!

Pet Photography Columbia MO | KatFour Photo

Overall, just love on your furry friend tons and we'll make sure to capture the love you share and the fun times you have!

What are your favorite pet moments to capture? Did I miss any suggestions for a great pet session?

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