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Photographer in Columbia Missouri at KatFour Photo
Photographer in Columbia Missouri at KatFour Photo

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Can I have more than one outfit during the session?

Short answer, absolutely!

But, it's not always that simple. Of course if you're at home or a handful of other convenient locations, you can easily change your entire outfit. Just pop into another room or restroom and change out. But if your session is out at a park or on location without spots where it's easy to change, this can be more challenging.

So here are some of my ideas and tips on how to incorporate multiple outfits with as little hassle as possible!

Change Accessories and Outerwear

If you just want a few slightly different looks, but don't want to deal with the hassle of changing your entire outfit, there's an easy solution. Bring a few different outer layers such as a jacket and a sweater. Also consider a few different sets of accessories like necklaces, hats, watches, or ties. You can also change out your shoes!

By changing just a few pieces you can completely alter a look, without having to change the core outfit. Especially if your base layers are neutral colors or jeans. This can allow you to fake having a few looks without having to find a place to change.

Wear Layers to Change More Easily Outside

Assuming that changing just your outwear and accessories just won't cut it and you need to change more of your outfit, wear layers! To change your shirt or blouse more easily outdoors, wear an undershirt or tank top underneath. This will allow you to completely remove your top and still be fully clothed!

What to wear | Choosing outfits for photo sessions | Columbia, MO Photography Sessions | KatFour Photo

You can wear a pair of shorts underneath a skirt or pair of pants if the outer layer is roomy enough to allow for that, or you own bicycle shorts or some other tighter pair.

If you're wearing a skirt or dress, you can slip pants on and off underneath it to change outfits modestly.

Change in Your Car

Assuming your outfit does not allow for layering and you want to have a change, consider changing in your car. Not always the most ideal situation, but a vehicle does provide you with privacy. Another up-side is that you don't have to carry everything with you. You can leave it all in the car and just come back to change.

The down side is of course that you'll need to walk back to the car. And if your photo session is at a location with a bit of a trek this may not be ideal.

Find a Restroom

Whether you're downtown or out at a park, there is typically a restroom somewhere. They're not always open to the public, and sometimes they're not built to suit changing very well. But they can work in a pinch. Scout out on the location website (if there is one) if there are restrooms nearby to keep them as an option.

Bring a Beach Towel (or a couple) and A Friend

If you can't walk back to the car and want to do a full outfit change, make your own changing booth. Bring a few large towels (like beach towels) and a friend or two to help. They can hold up the large coverings and you can stand in the middle and change.

Or if you think it will come in handy invest in a pop-up privacy tent. If you're having sessions or beach days often enough, this might be a great buy.

Bring a Bag to Carry Everything

Don't forget that you'll have to carry everything! Bring a bag to put all your outfits, accessories, and additional items in to make it easier to get from spot to spot. The last thing you want is to have to wrestle with all your clothing items as you're trying to change and have photos.

What did I miss? Do you have any tips for changing outfits while out of the house?

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