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Photographer in Columbia Missouri at KatFour Photo
Photographer in Columbia Missouri at KatFour Photo

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Cold? Planning a Winter Session!

Winter time is full of fun family activities and for many families a wonderful time for family photos. But the cold can make it more difficult to have a great session and enjoy it. Instead of waiting until the spring, when it warms up (and possibly rains you out) here are some tips for your cold photography session!

Dress for the weather!

It may sound obvious, but many people try to brave the cold in cute outfits better suited to warmer months. Instead, embrace the cold weather with cute coats or sweaters, adorable hats, fun scarves and boots. Dressing for the season can give your photos a fun touch and keep you comfortable the entire time!

This is especially important for the little ones in your family. Even if you'd prefer to brave the cold with a lighter outfit, make sure the kiddos are warm and cozy to keep them enjoying the session, rather than shivering.

Bring hot hands or other hand warmers.

A great way to give yourself breaks from the cold and wind is to keep your hands in your pockets between photos, or even while posing. Having some hot hands or small hand warmers in your pockets (or even gloves) can keep your fingers nice and warm even when it's really chilly!

Bring warm drinks in a thermos or buy hot drinks at a coffee shop.

Grabbing a warm coffee at a nearby coffee shop or bringing a thermos full of hot chocolate can both help you stay warm and act as a cute prop for your photos. As long as you can keep the toasty liquid away from everyone's carefully selected outfits, consider this option when planning your session!

Bring a couple of blankets.

Not only are blankets a great way to keep from having to sit on the cold ground or cold benches, they're also a cute prop to wrap up in. You can snuggle up and get warm in a cute blanket for your photos, to not only keep warm, but give your photos a cozy and fun feel.

When planning your blanket, keep one that is neutral colored or coordinates with your outfits. Pick a blanket large enough to wrap everyone in the session up in or at least large enough for everyone to sit on.

Plan for a location where you can pause to warm up.

On colder days even blankets and hot coffee aren't enough, and the chill will get you. Planning your session at a location that allows you to go inside and warm up. Public libraries, coffee shops (but plan to buy something), college buildings, gyms, bars or breweries, and even your home. Make sure to get permission before simply using an indoor private space for photos.

These warm up times aren't a waste! They're a fun second location for your photos. Think about spots that really fit with your style and seem like a fun place for part of your session! Or consider having your entire session somewhere warm and indoors.

Do you have other tips for photo sessions out in the cold?

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