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Photographer in Columbia Missouri at KatFour Photo
Photographer in Columbia Missouri at KatFour Photo

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Do you need a photographer when proposing?

Big proposals have become very popular, though many people still opt for something more private and intimate. Either way you choose to propose is great! And either way you can benefit from having a photographer there to capture the moment!

Proposal photography in Columbia, MO | KatFour Photo

matter where your proposal happens, what sweet words you say, how intimate or public it is, you'll want to remember every moment! And with big moments like this, especially if it's a surprise, you may not be able to. It's wonderful, and you're happy and possibly surprised, and enjoying it, but how much of it can you really commit to memory? And can your family member hide in plain site and be able to capture the moment for you?

Proposal photography in Columbia, MO | KatFour Photo

Family and friends may want to be a part of the special moment, rather than focus on photographing it for you, so really plan out what roles you'd like people to play.

Proposal photography in Columbia, MO | KatFour Photo

Here are some tips for working with a photographer to make sure your memorable proposal gets captured perfectly!

Scout out the exact location first! You want to make sure that the location for your proposal is the one you'll want to remember forever. Make sure there aren't distractions like construction equipment for example, around. Plan the exact spot where you'll stop to propose. This helps you know what you'll be doing and helps you communicate to a photographer what to expect. As a photographer I can plan out where to be so that I can have the best angles, stay out of the way, and not be noticed.

Proposal photography in Columbia, MO | KatFour Photo

Tell your photographer and family what you'll be wearing! Plan an activity after your "walk"/proposal that allows your significant other and you to dress up. And tell everyone what you'll be wearing so they know to look out for you from a distance.

Funny tip! Consider putting the photographer into your phone under a different name/position. It might keep your significant other from finding out too soon and your surprise getting ruined.

Proposal photography in Columbia, MO | KatFour Photo

Make sure to talk to your photographer and find out how much time you have for your session! You may want to schedule some preliminary engagement photos right with your engagement. Usually 30 minutes to an hour is all you'll need to get some great initial shots to share right away.

Lastly ask your photographer if you can have a sneak peek right away. I make sure my clients get something the day of their proposal so they can announce their news with photos from the event! Family and friends who couldn't be there can see the special moment and celebrate with the couple no matter where they are!

Proposal photography in Columbia, MO | KatFour Photo

Any other suggestions or thoughts about proposals? What are the most memorable moments of your proposals or proposals you've seen or been there for?

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