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Fall Session Ideas

Fall is a favorite time of year for photos! The colors, the crisp air, the sweaters and boots! But what do you do at your fall session? Here are some fun options for your fall photo sessions that will keep everyone in great spirits!

Throw Some Leaves

Nothing says fall like beautiful, colorful autumn leaves! So why not have some fun and throw some around? If it's a family session have a leaf fight, and if you're doing a solo session just toss them in the air and let them cascade down around you!

You can even just lay back in a big pile of beautiful crunchy, colorful leaves and get some photos that way. The possibilities are truly endless!

Go to a Pumpkin Patch/Apple Picking

Finding a local farm and going to a pumpkin patch, apple picking, or a corn maze makes for a fun fall activity and some gorgeous fall photos! If you have a favorite spot that you frequent every year, it's a great idea to do your family photos in that spot to help you capture the awesome memories you're making!

Cozy up With a Blanket

Chilly autumn days are perfect for snuggling up. Grab a cute, warm blanket and get cozy with the people you love! Whether it's an engagement session, some updated family photos for your Christmas card, photos of the kiddos, or even a pet session a cute blanket can make it seem intimate, sweet and keep everyone warm on those chilly fall days.

Go for Hike

If it's a warm day, or you just love the outdoors, take the opportunity to go for a hike on one of our beautiful trails. Whether you want tall grass, gravel paths, cool bridges, or a path in the woods, you can find a hiking trail that fits the bill. You'll get all the beautiful colors of fall and the chance to get outdoors.

Get some Coffee Downtown

Do you prefer warm coffee shops to the hiking trails? Great, grab a pumpkin spice latte or a hot chocolate or whatever your favorite drink is and plan an afternoon downtown. Stop by some of your favorite shops and get some urban photos while staying warm.

There are plenty of cute bookshops, adorable alleyways, warm coffee shops, fun boutiques and so much more to explore that can be used as a unique and creative backdrop for your next photo session!

If you're unsure how a business will feel about being the setting for your pictures, just ask them ahead of time.

Snuggle Up At Home

Or if you'd rather just snuggle up at home, get cozy in your own living or or on your bed and get your photos right at home! Rainy fall days don't have to get in the way of a fun session. Best part about these sessions is they make it easy to keep everyone in one place and have everything you need on hand! Everyone stays warm and happy and outfit changes are easy to arrange. And no need to worry about lighting, I'll bring everything you need to fill like a studio session, right at home!

Did I miss a fun fall activity for photos? Which ones is your favorite?

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