Photographer in Columbia Missouri at KatFour Photo
Photographer in Columbia Missouri at KatFour Photo

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KatFour Photo Studio Tour!

This past June KatFour Photo moved to a brand new studio located on Buttonwood Dr. I love the space and I've loved photographing here for the past half year. I'd love to take you all on a quick studio tour to show you what it's like here.

My husband Philip, runs Seraphim Systems and we share the space. In the first room we have a sitting area for our clients and our desks. This space is great for meetings and consultations.

The second room is the studio! I've been working hard for the past few months to have many options for different photos setups and a comfortable environment for sessions!

On the far wall of the studio you'll see the large backdrops. These can be used for full body photos, family sessions, portraits, etc. You can select up to 2 different drops per 30 minute - hour long session. If you're interested in choosing 1 or 2 of these for your session, check out the Full Body / Group Background Options! Let me know in advance of your session which ones you'd like so I can get them prepared for you!

Right next to the big drop you can also see the smaller, portable drops. These come in many colors and are perfect for headshots and "school" style photos. You can see the options for Headshot Backgrounds and choose the ones you think will fit your style best. You can include several during your session as they can be easily swapped out. Reviewing the options can be helpful when deciding your outfit!

Another part of the studio is a clean grey wall! This wall is set up for beautiful, light, bright portraits and will have different set-ups throughout the year. I also try to keep several attractive, portable items like the divider above available for to add some creative texture to photos in that space.

The mini living room is directly between two large windows and features a fun yellow couch, a cute shelf directly overhead and lots of fun props to display around and throughout the set-up. This space is great for relaxed family photos, portraits,and branding photos.

This cute top shelf has rotating props, that I can change out for any shoot. If you want to bring something of personal significance to display in your photos, that's great. Otherwise, you can choose from some of the cute plants and decor I have throughout the studio.

There are several seating areas in the studio. One right in the action so you can view the session and be right there in the room. The other further in the corner and tucked away to give you some privacy if you need it for a minute (to calm a toddler or just have a second).

Our office and studio also has a private restroom where clients can check their hair or make-up or change. We've always got it stocked with baby wipes, tissues and other helpful items to make sure families are comfortable.

Loving the look? Awesome! I'd love to schedule your session at the studio. You can go to my session scheduling page for information on available dates and times.

What do you think of the studio space and available options?

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