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Photographer in Columbia Missouri at KatFour Photo
Photographer in Columbia Missouri at KatFour Photo

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Ordering Prints!

You've had your session and received your digital photos! And they're great. You post them on Facebook or Instagram and gotten tons of likes. Now what? Well have you considered getting prints?

Why would I get prints?

Prints allow you to put your favorite images up in your home. To look back on moments you've had captured and remember them every time you walk by. To share them with visitors to your home. To keep them in your memory long after you've forgotten that folder of photos is sitting on your computer somewhere!

What better ways to decorate? Decorating your home with your own memories is a great way to make sure that your decor speaks to who you are as a person or a family and to the great memories you have. Isn't it wonderful when your home really represents who you are and isn't just a place you live?

And albums! A beautifully designed album is a wonderful way to have a conversation piece on your coffee table that can share with friends and family, look at together and talk about the great moments. Plus they look stunning!

Okay. So getting prints is important. Why choose a pro lab?

While the big box labs seem appealing, they're quick and they're cheap, but what they aren't is quality. The professional labs will provide you with far better photos and they're guaranteed by the photographer!

First off the paper and the ink! They are simply far superior. Professional labs provide photos printed with quality materials meant to last a lifetime. These photos are intended to be displayed for years and years and look great the whole time. And if the point is to preserve and share your memories that's really important!

Second, the color! Consumer labs aren't consistent and there is no way to calibrate to their printers. Their equipment can make your photos dark, or kind of green or maybe purple, or ... well the list goes on. And sure you can argue with them about fixing it. And maybe they will. Or maybe they won't. Or possibly they don't really even know how. Not only will your photos not look as great, but you'll spend your precious time trying to fix things that could have been avoided. My computer is calibrated to the professional lab I use. And they take the time to make sure every print looks great! The photos from the professional lab come out looking just the way they were intended to.

Third, the clarity! No matter how big or small you print a professional lab will take great care of your photos and make sure they all look sharp and beautiful. Consumer labs aren't as precise and often times the images are grainy or blurry. And why send stunning photographs of your memories to get printed and get back a blurry mess? The professional lab will make sure every image looks as good as possible.

Fourth, the options! If all you want is a 4x6, sure the consumer lab has that as an option. But the pro lab will offer tons more options! As a photographer I offer the option to collage several small photos into one beautiful stunning print that you can frame. I offer several beautiful paper types, album design options, canvases, metal prints, and tons of other choices. So if you want to make sure every item you order is just right, my lab has the products to choose from to make sure you're covered!

Lastly, custom design! Not only are the products, choices and quality superior, you get my expertise. I can help you crop the images so that each one looks perfect, design a custom album that suits your memories with beautiful accents, and help you choose just the right look for your standout so it really looks great on your wall! I'd love to help you share your memories in as many ways as possible, because they're special, so chat with me.

Alright, ready to order! What do I do?

Well for prints, canvases and standouts I make it easy. Just log into your new gallery, select the print you want and click buy. You can then select the size you want, crop it, choose your paper and order. Not sure what you want and need some help? No problem! Just give me a call and I'll walk through the process with you and help you choose the best options.

Need something designed? Shoot me an email and we'll talk through your design preferences and needs and I'll send you a personalized quote for your new album or upload your collage to your gallery.

My goal is that your memories are as beautiful and easy to share as possible. What do you think makes prints important? Do you have favorite photos you've printed in the past?

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