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Photographer in Columbia Missouri at KatFour Photo
Photographer in Columbia Missouri at KatFour Photo

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Summer Time Photo Musts

It's summer time, the kids are out of school, everyone is at home, it's a great time to plan your family session! It's beautiful, and green and and the light is pretty unforgettable this time of year, but it's a bit hot, so it may take some thinking to plan a great session. Here are some tips and ideas to have a fun summer photo shoot with beautiful family photos you'll treasure for years to come!

Go to the Beach/Pool

Summertime just wouldn't be complete without a trip to the pool or beach. Plan your family or kid's photos during one of these outings. Sunblock, sunglasses and fun hats are adorable props and everyone can stay cool by popping into the water. And with fun activities like splashing and playing the kids won't feel too pressured or get as cranky at the photos.

Find a Fountain

No beach or pool nearby? Find an area that lets you play in the fountain! Engagement photos, family photos, kids photos and tons of others are extra fun by adding a little water. Dress in some light summer clothes and don't be afraid to splash a little.

Plan a Picnic

A shady spot in the park with some snacks, plenty of water, and some games is a great way to spend some time with the family. Pack some snacks and some cute water bottles and a soft blanket and head out for a later afternoon picnic, some fun games and some photos. It'll be relaxed, memorable and loads of fun.

Stop in for Ice Cream!

Have a favorite ice cream shop? Stop by for a cone and get your photos taken as you enjoy your sweet treat. Ice cream shops are usually colorful, fun and you'll be in great spirits as you enjoy your cool dessert.

Have a Water Balloon Fight

Looking for something the kids will love to keep you cool during a photo session? Fill up a ton of colorful balloons with water and have a water balloon fight. You'll have a unique session to show for it in the end and a fun summer activity for the whole family.

Camp Out

If you're outdoorsy and love to camp, pull out the camping gear, put the tent up in the back yard, roast some marshmallows and plan your photo session around telling ghost stories and making s'mores!

Go Fishing

Love to fish? Let's pack up your gear, go to a lake and hang out. We'll find a shady spot and get some fun shots of you in action (or relaxing)!

Set up a Lemonade Stand

If you're feeling entrepreneurial set up a lemonade stand. Set up your photo session around getting prepared and making all the lemonade, building the stand and spending some quality time together!

Schedule at Sunset

To keep your session from getting too hot schedule early in the day or during the golden hour. As the sun starts to set, the days cool off and you can enjoy beautiful light without burning up.

Plan for a Rainy Day

Want to avoid the sun all together? Take a risk and plan for a cloudy, and maybe even rainy day. Fun umbrellas and rain boots for puddle jumping can make a session super fun. Plus reflections in the water add a completely unique feel to your session.

Bring Plenty of Water

Make sure to stay hydrated to avoid overheating or getting sick. If you brings plenty of water and take breaks often to take sips you'll do great.

Or Stay Inside

Hate the heat? You can just stay inside and plan your session indoors at home. Plan some fun at home activities and keep to the AC cooled indoors. Or consider going to the public library for your photo and getting your pictures with a little bit of reading.

What are your favorite summertime activities that you could schedule a photoshoot around? Did I miss any great summer opportunities? Let me know what you think below.

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