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Photographer in Columbia Missouri at KatFour Photo

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What is a lifestyle photography session anyway?

Photographing people can take many forms, it can be posed, or completely candid, or it can fall somewhere in between. I believe lifestyle photography is that in between. Sometimes it's posed, sometimes it's candid, but most importantly it tells a story of an important aspect of your life!

Your special moments are precious and they deserve all the care of capturing their true essence. Of showing who you are and what your story is through photos of those special moments and occasions!

So why should you choose a lifestyle photographer or a lifestyle session?

Because it's the best of both worlds! Everyone knows that life isn't perfect, so a photo-journalistic session or wedding can be tough to fall in love with. Every flaw, every detail, everything you may want to hide on display. Posed photos can be adjusted to make everything seem perfect, but they often seem stiff, and are tough to achieve. Imagine getting all the kids or your pet to look at the camera and smile. Yikes!

Lifestyle sessions simplify everything and offer the best of both types of sessions. While offering candid photos and a journalistic look into your life, they allow for posing, adjusting of the environment and setting up situations that reflect your every day life.

So next time you're looking for your latest family portraits, senior pictures, newborn photos, couples or engagement pictures, or any other photos needs, talk to your photographer about your hobbies, your life, your favorite things to do and consider a lifestyle session. Let the real you shine!

Let me know what your favorite part of getting a lifestyle session is?

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