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Photographer in Columbia Missouri at KatFour Photo
Photographer in Columbia Missouri at KatFour Photo

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Why You Should Plan a Bridal/Styled Wedding Session

Most brides only get to wear their wedding dress 1 time. And your wedding day is a special, beautiful day, but it shouldn't be your only chance to get all dressed up and enjoy your stunning wedding dress.

Enter Bridal or Styled Wedding sessions!

Styled Wedding Session

Bridal sessions can be scheduled before or after your wedding and can include your getting ready photos, some boudoir shots, and of course photos in your wedding gown! These sessions can be used to get photos you won't have time for during your wedding or at locations you couldn't possibly make it to on your wedding day. You can also schedule your session for a completely different time of day! If your wedding day portraits are at mid-day, schedule your session for sunset to get a fun, different look to these photos!

Styled Wedding Session Getting Ready

If you've had the session before your wedding you can create a sweet gift for your mom, grandma, family, or even for your groom for the wedding day! You can schedule it on the same day as your make-up and hair trials and get great use out of your professionally styled hair and make-up.

If you're having the session after your wedding day you can use props you couldn't use during your wedding such as a flower crown or a different bouquet, fun shoes you couldn't wear. You can even style your dress with more casual accessories or wear your hair in a different style. If there are things you wish you could have also done on your wedding day, here's your chance! New location, new poses and like I said before, another chance to wear your dress!

Bridal Portrait Session

Style wedding sessions are like bridal sessions after your wedding, except they include you and your groom, and if you want maybe even some members of your wedding party! Get all dressed up and choose a fun theme. If you want keep it simple. Or go as extravagant as you'd like and get snacks made, some decorations, etc. Or casual up your wedding day look with a leather jacket and a casual groom's outfit. It's your chance to get photos you may have had to miss out on due to time constraints!

Styled Wedding Session

When you can you have one? As soon after the wedding as you want, or as many years down the line as you'd like. Have an anniversary coming up? This might be a fun way to celebrate and get to wear your fancy, wedding clothes again!

What do you think of the idea of bridal sessions or styled wedding sessions? Have had one? Or would you like one? Do you have suggestions for brides or couples looking to schedule one?

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