Photographer in Columbia Missouri at KatFour Photo
Photographer in Columbia Missouri at KatFour Photo

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Local Business Feature: Cindy Scott Artistry

Columbia is full of some of the coolest, amazing local businesses. We have great venues, restaurants, bars, book shops, art galleries and so much more. And one of the coolest that can help elevate your wedding or event to the next level, or teach a really neat new skill is Cindy Scott Artistry.

Cindy is a local Mid-MO artist who's business Cindy Scott Artistry focuses on live painting. She offers live painting services at weddings and events and teaching live painting events. What is live painting? It's exactly as cool as it sounds! Cindy captures the uniqueness and fun of your event in a painting created live!

"In a nutshell, I paint your party as it happens."

- Cindy Scott

Live painting is such a new experience for many couples and event guests, who have never heard of, much less seen a this creative, fun, way to capture the event memories. Not only do you receive a beautiful painting displaying all the fun, vibrance and excitement of your event, but the experience of having a live painter at your event is pretty amazing and super cool.

"It’s such an old school way to record an event that it draws people in in a refreshing 'non-techy' way."

- Cindy Scott

"And within a few hours I’m able to present a finished piece that has emerged from the energy of the celebration and from the encouraging comments of onlookers."

- Cindy Scott

And if you want to learn live painting and sign up on Cindy's website at Learn Live Painting to stay up to date as these courses become available!

I love when there are such creative, innovative and fun businesses and amazing business people in our community! They offer such fantastic services to us and keep us on our toes with these exciting new ideas. For more from Cindy make sure to follow her on the Cindy Scott Artistry Facebook Page and the Cindy Scott Artistry Instagram! And for everyone with a wedding or event coming up, Cindy's services may just be the way to make it one of the coolest memories you hang in your home!

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