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Photographer in Columbia Missouri at KatFour Photo
Photographer in Columbia Missouri at KatFour Photo

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Introducing "Seeing Art, Seeing Artists"

Sometimes a photographer just needs a passion project! This project is my way to show my creativity, get to meet tons of great people, and share the art and artists around me with the world.

The focus of this project is to photograph art creators doing just that, creating their art. I plan to work with dancers, painters, potters, writers, musicians, and many others. I love capturing their love for their work, their inspiration, and their passion. It keeps me feeling passionate and inspired as well.

Columbia Missouri photograph of a belly dancer | KatFour Photo

It all started as I was talking to friends and realized many of them had fantastic talents and interests and how excited they were to create their art. I wanted, so badly, to capture that. To bottle the lightning. And this project is just that. I let them tell me how their process happens, how they work and what it is that makes them happiest in their work. My goal is to capture those moments, that process.

I plan to share updates and excerpts from sessions I do for this project and ultimately publish a photography book. So subscribe to the blog to see updates!

And if you know anyone who'd be interested in a completely free photography session of them crafting their art, send them my way!

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